Sunday, November 1, 2015

Userform With Multiple Pages

Advanced Userform Example - Userform With Multiple Pages

           We made at a template which creates an userform that contains multiple pages.

The multipage control contains two pages. At page 1,the user can fill in personnel informations (name,address,city,phone,birthdate,birthplace etc.)
At page 2, items of combobox (for choosing city)  can be added.

Also we added new menu on userform. Items of this menu :
- New
- Open
- Save
- Save As
- Print Preview
- Print
- Close

Also these controls can be used in this userform :
– Adding new record
– Deleting record
– Updating record
– Label To see total data
– Viewing items of listbox  with spin buttons (down/up)
– Assigning sort numbers for records (when  an item is deleted from  listbox, the sequence numbers are set again.)


  1. You Are Doing Great Job .. Thanks For Making Excel Lovely Application.
    One Question?
    Can We Build A Complete Document System (DMS) Using Excel, Where We Store A Copy of The PDF, JPG etc Files To A Single Record (Row).

  2. can you please tell me how to make it works for excel 11 on mac. Thank you

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  6. i want to learn basics of basics of vba to create advance userform . can you suggest any book or material......

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