Sunday, May 31, 2015

Daily Sales Report with Excel Vba

Personnel Based Daily Sales Report Template

In this template  ,we entered the amount of products sold by each personel. 
Then we create a separate page for each personnel with “report” button .
In this way,we can add every day to their own pages the amount of products sold by each personnel.
If you want ,you can delete this report pages, with “Delete Pages Report” button.
Useful a template .

Müzik Enstrümanları Çalma Uygulaması

               Bu şablonda 3 adet enstrüman bulunmakta.

- Piyano

- Gitar

- Bateri

Uygulamada beste  şeklinde kendi müziğinizi kaydedip ,çalabiliyorsunuz.Ses efektleri güzel ve eğlenceli bir uygulama.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Excel Knife Throw (Offline Game)

         Let's have some fun and a little break from work.
I am here again with a fun and offline game : Knife Throw. The game challenges you to throw knifes towards a women tied onto a rotating wheel.

Audio and video effects are very good.

- Excel içine flash dosyası gömülerek yapılmış bıçak atma oyunu.Ses efektleri bayağı güzel .

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Excel Customizing Right-Click(Context) Menu

Context Menu in Excel
In this template, with right-click menu :1- You can enter the date to the selected cell. 
2- You can easily convert strings to uppercase-lowercase-propercase
3- You can navigate to the selected page with ComboBox.
4- You can sort the cells as ascending /descending.

You can use this right-click menu example into your own templates.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Create Pivot Table with Excel Vba

You can create an Excel Pivot Table using VBA in template. Also you can copy pivot table into Ms Word.